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Advisers and Counselors

Dear Advisers and Counselors,

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the University of Minnesota. Our dedication to providing a great education experience to international students began more than 100 years ago, and we are incredibly proud to be leaders in international education.

Since 1874, when we welcomed our first students from abroad (Canada and Denmark), our international student population on campus has grown considerably to over 6,300 students from more than 130 countries. We actively recruit to continue a strong and diverse representation of international students on our campus. We also offer many avenues for international students to share their culture with others through International Student and Scholar Services programming and more than 100 student-led groups with a cultural or linguistic affiliation.

There are four main reasons that the University of Minnesota is a great place to pursue a degree:

  • Our academic reputation is outstanding with depth and breadth of study in 150 undergraduate degree programs and 200 graduate and professional programs
  • Our location in Minneapolis and St. Paul in the state of Minnesota is an ideal setting offering big-city amenities, industry and culture in a safe, clean city in the heart of the U.S.
  • As a major research university, we are able to offer amazing opportunities and facilities to our students including more than 900 different student groups and 14 libraries
  • We offer a great value with reasonable tuition and living costs and international student scholarships for undergraduates

For a list of degree programs, admissions process, and cost information, please see the respective sections for undergraduate and graduate students. We also invite you to sign up for our Global Adviser Newsletter, where we announce upcoming international recruitment events, news related to prospective international students, and updates about admission to the University. We invite you to learn more by exploring our website. Please contact us with your questions.

Recruitment events

Our recruiters travel all over the world to meet with prospective students and advisers. They also host online sessions and visits to schools and universities in Minnesota. Please check our Recruitment Events Calendar for up-to-date information.

Schedule a campus visit for students

If you would like to visit campus with a group of students, please schedule with the Visits Office. If you are visiting campus without students and would like to meet with a recruitment staff member, please contact us at intlstudy@umn.edu.

Statement on agents

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities does not partner with third parties (agents) to represent the University nor to recruit or enroll international students. Agents may be retained by students and their families to assist them with the application process but these agents are not agents of the University nor do they have a contractual agreement with the University of Minnesota. Students and their families who are interested in the University of Minnesota can request information through our website.

University of Minnesota Medical School

Students interested in becoming medical doctors must first complete an undergraduate degree, then apply for medical school admission. However, the University of Minnesota Medical School applicant eligibility states that they are not accepting international applications at this time.