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Ever wanted to see big and shiny Chicago?

Ever wanted to see big and shiny Chicago? Famous Bean (Sky Gate) in The Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Magnificent Mile, Taste of Chicago, Wrigley Field, Deep Dish Pizza, Garret’s Pop Corn, Chicago Style Hotdog...
Chicago is one of those cities that everybody knows, without ever realizing where or when they learned about it…it just has always been there!
But guess what! It’s right here, forty-five minutes away (by airplane) or slightly longer eight hours by bus. Yep, you can go there sometime…

Two of the most moderately priced ways to get to Chicago is Spirit Airlines ($30 one way) or Megabus (my cheapest ticket was 3 dollars, and I got a round trip for 12!). American Airlines can go down as $40 as well but you have to keep checking.

I personally prefer Megabus, because it’s destination is Chicago Union Station (the one where the final battle in “The Man of Steel” was shot). Here you can find plenty of places to eat for every taste. From Union Station you can walk one block and get to the famous Willis Tower (used to be Sears  Tower), where the Skydeck (a little glass balcony that “hangs” over the city way up high in the sky) is.
After that you can walk or take a regular bus to Millennium Park (it takes a ten minute walk). If you walk, you will pass the streets where “Transformers”, “The Dark Knight”, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, “I, Robot”, and many other movies were shot. Right Next to Millennium Park there is a Grant Park and Chicago Institute of Art. Not far away is Magnificent Mile walk with all the posh boutiques and restaurants.
My personal favorite is to go down to the Lake and walk toward the Navy Pier (you might prefer taking a bus since it’s quite a decent walk). Whichever side you go, you will find something interesting.

If you go to Chicago, try Deep Dish Pizza, it’s amazingly delicious! If you love food, go there in July for the event called “Taste of Chicago”. Entrance is free, but you pay for your food. Amazing quantity of delicious food from over thirty vendors concentrated in one space!

You can run out of money but you will never run out of things to do and see in Chicago, but here is a list in case you do!