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2013: An Incredible Year for a Grad Student

There are so many differences in terms of culture that we, as International Students, know they exist. One of them, is the idea of creating new resolutions. Nevertheless, in my home country, Colombia, we think more about the past than the future. I know I'm generalizing but I'm writing from my own experience. We are constantly thinking of what the last year "nos dejó" meaning the things that last year gave us and then we reflect about the future. This is why I will talk about 2013 and how I have to admit it was an incredible year. The first important eventuality that happened to me was my graduation from my  M.A. and getting into the PhD program at the U of M. As I mentioned before, I'm currently doing research on the Caribbean (women writers, hybridization and gender). After that I moved to a cool neighborhood: St Anthony Main, located on Main Street in the Nicollet Island/East Bank neighborhood of Southeast Minneapolis. Check this link to see all of the activities you can do in this neighborhood http://www.stanthonymain.com/. Here's a video I took a few months ago. Not the best quality but I made it for you to see:






I also presented at a Conference in Trinidad & Tobago. Finally I went to NY before Xmas and then La Jolla, California. These different trips let me think about the end of the road, job market and all of the "arandelas" or washers that graduating will bring. One of the concerns that a Grad student has is the idea of moving somewhere after you're done with your degree. Fortunately, we have to consider that there are so many places/universities in the U.S.  and that means that we will have a wide range of opportunities for us as professionals. Moving sounds like a big deal but... remember that we already experienced that process.

This is what I saw in NY... Have you seen it? I bet you have:




To be a Grad Student at the U of Minnesota will change not just your life, but your expectations and beliefs. As cliché as it sounds, you will change as a person. I have some ideas and resolutions for this coming year but I will think in detail about them and write about it while I accomplish them

Still haven't decided to apply at the U of M? You don't need to think it twice.

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