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I got an Internship!

Carlson School of Management has a lot of resources available for their students. They host Career & Internship Fair every semester that more than 100 recruiters from local and national companies are coming to recruit Carlson students. The school does not only provide the Career Fair, but they also help students how to find

 job openings through their online system, how to behave as a business student, how to write a good resume, and how to prepare for job interviews. Although last semester was my first semester at the Carlson School of Management, I got an accounting internship offer from a local company, and I have been working for my company for a month already. I am an international student, and it might be harder for us to find a job in the United States. However, Carlson School has a great Career Center where they provide various career workshops just for International students. If you are an international student and looking for a school that helps you to get an internship in the U.S., come to the Carlson School of Management and take all the advantages that the school provides!