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MISA Open House

Last Friday, the Minnesota International Students Association (MISA) held their Spring semester Open House Event. An Open House Event is when a student organization invites all their members and non-members, and they can enjoy free food. Particularly, at this event, MISA ordered two giant cakes and tons of good food from different countries. At the event, participants have the opportunity to network and meet new friends. One very interesting activity is that we would pin on a World Map the country we are from, and it is fascinating to see there are so many students from hundreds of countries represented at the U of M. 

To see more awesome photos of the Open House event as well as to explore and learn more about MISA, please check out our facebook page here.

Minnesota International Students Association is the umbrella organization for all international student groups at the U of M, and MISA organizes many fabulous events throughout the year, for example the Feast of Nations, Ice Skating event, or Halloween Bash to celebrate Halloween in October.