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Things I Picked Up in the Snow

There are a lot of things different between living in my home country, the Philippines, and Minnesota. One of the more difficult ones to ignore would be the icy cold weather unfamiliar to many of us who have embraced the tropical climate all our lives. Now I am no expert of the polar bear ways, I’ve really only been here a couple of months, but these are some habits even the newest of the new kids pick up if they want to survive the almost eternal cold:


  1. Master the penguin walk. It looks a little funny, but you’ll do it if you want to get to class in time.
  2. Layer up like you’re being paid to do it.
  3. Subconsciously prepare yourself for a life without limbs. This always starts out as a joke, but the few times you walk through -40 F temperatures, you will actually have your fingers crossed (assuming you can still move them).
  4. From late December to February, any non-subzero day calls for a high five.
  5. Make a snowman. Have a snowball fight. Go ice skating. Learn to appreciate the snow, even a little. You’ll be seeing it half the year, might as well.