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2014 Job Fair Tips

Hello guys,

This year, we will have a huge job fair coming in this Friday (Feb 21). This job fair is  the largest job event for the year of 2014, and over 270 companies will come to their and offer their jobs and internship opportunities. So it is the great chance for us to meet different employers during this event. I wish you guys could like it, and here is some tips for this event. Hopefully, that could help you guys event just a little bit.

First step, we need to register on the U of M website, and this is the link: http://jobfair.umn.edu/

Second step, we need to see which companies are coming for this event.  Here is the link: https://www.myinterfase.com/goldpass/CareerFair/Detail/Qjl1RG9lSHNRT3dIZ2RFZjJYanR1a1MwbUdzWk9Zbk9jSXlQeXNDbmhDOD01

IMPORTANT: For this step, we need to have the GoldPass acaccount, and we have to see these employers through the GoldPass website.

Third step, we need to find which companies we have interest in. On the GoldPass, people listed all company name by alphabetic list (A-Z). Also, you can type your ideal companies names on the website. That can be faster for search.

Fourth step, we can find our ideal companies and check their contact people's names and more detailed job information. For example, Apple. They will list some basic information about their jobs, positions, and contact people infor. 

Fifth step, when you know the contact people's name and you know which companies you have interest in. Then you can Google their company's information, and you can also find them on Linkedin. Both ways are very helpful for us, but Linkedin can be a more business professional way for seeking jobs.

For example, AmeriCorps VISTA. You can find their company's information, history and mission on Linkedin. That is a very helpful way to know them. 

Also, you can find who works for the AmeriCorps VISTA now, and you can try to build contacting with their employees for the future information.

Finally, when you go to the job fair, you could contact people with these information you already know, and that can help you stand out in the job fair. Because you know something about the company already, and that can show you did the research for them and you really want to work for them. 

Bring your resume and dress professionally, these things can really help you a lot. Because first impression last, and it always works in a professional place. 


 Thank you guys and best luck for all of you! I wish you could have a great experience in the job fair!! Show your confidence and offers will follow you!!