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Saturday Fun

Saturday was pretty eventful!

We (my friends and I) decided to use the newly opened Metro Transit Green Line to go to St. Paul’s Farmers Market. Luckily we printed a coupon for a free ride from the Farmer’s Market official web site.

The new green line goes straight to the downtown St. Paul, which I fell in love with today – so green and tasteful I didn’t want to leave! Next Friday I am dragging my roommates to take pictures of this newly discovered area.

Anyways, I got some really delicious yogurt, greens and honey (some of it I got for free, just because I came closer to the end of the market)!

On the way home we stopped by Rainbow (a grocery store), which is conveniently on the way on University Ave and Snelling to get some missing stuff.

After a dinner prepared with a team effort, we went to the Stone Arch Bridge. Just last weekend I was there with my other friends for the Stone Arch Bridge Festival (artsy, musical and fun!). This time it was a Solstice Festival. Dancers were hypnotizing people not only on the stage next to the bridge but from the roofs of the nearby buildings – really impressive! Then they gave us a long blue piece of cloth that symbolized the river and stretched from the east to west bank and people imitated the waves to help the balloons they sent through it pass from west to east.

Everybody was laughing, and the whole thing felt really inspiring. My friends and I decided to go crazy and we ran under the “stream” to the east bank as well.
We stopped by Dunn Bros for a yummy Chai Latte and went home to watch the movie Zombieland.

The first image is from the Stone Arch Bridge Festival and the second two are from the Solstice Festival.



Useful info:

  1.  The Green Line of the light trail will make everybody’s life so much easier and so much more fun! Now you have both downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul conveniently accessible from the center of the east bank campus! Here’s map of the route. You can also check out this video of the green line in action.
  2. The Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) have farmers markets all through the year at different locations and times. The produce they have is WAY better than from a regular supermarket! Here are the links to learn more.
  3. The Twin Cities have festivals and fairs pretty much every week! You just need to google the date you are in – you will definitely find something fun going on.
  4. My list of favorite coffee shops to relax and study and to enjoy the best drink in the world: coffee…
    1. Rustika (coffee AND fresh pastries!)
    2. Caribou (Campfire Mocha with Milk Chocolate and extra marshmallows on top – go drink heaven on Earth!)
    3. Dunn Bros have a pretty good selection
  5. Here is a trailer for the movie. It’s a sarcastic horror comedy, perfect for a Saturday night! Please don't watch if you are easily scared or don't like American humor.