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Summer Classes: A struggle or easy as can be?

Hey guys!

This is a picture of me in Jeju Island when I was in Korea for three weeks over the summer! Although it was a short trip back to Korea, I had an amazing vacation. The summer is supposed to be a heavenly time to relieve all the stress that you had throughout the semester, or at least that is how I used to spend them. However, it is different this time; I wanted to make my summer more academic than previous years so I decided to take summer courses.

The system during summer time is slightly different indeed. I am currently enrolled in two 8-week summer sessions, they are altogether 8 credits. I never doubted that the courses I am taking would be challenging, but you know what makes it even harder: the unbelievably amazing weather. At the end of August, weather in Minneapolis was hot and humid. I expected the same thing for June but it was completely different; the weather is beautiful almost everyday and it drives my body to drop my pencils and go outside to enjoy.

I find this struggle something new; I am responsible for my academic works but I do not want to do it! It is as if my body finds it allergic. It is rather unfortunate but I have to do what I signed up for and continue to work hard to fulfill my responsibilities. I hope everyone enjoys their summer! :)