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College Transfer

When I was in high school, I was determined to become a psychologist.  I thought psychologists were very cool and one day I'd treat tons of crazy patients.  Last semester, I had the chance to take a child psychology class here at the U.  I found the class material to be very boring (even though I had amazing teachers) and I did not enjoy the subject at all.  Upon completing the class, I decided to switch my major to a bachelor of science in microbiology. instead.  The only problem with this decision is in order to study microbiology, I'll have to transfer to the College of Biological Sciences (CBS) next year.  Transferring to other colleges from the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) is a very long process.  Before applying for a transfer to CBS, I had to complete 3 science courses and maintain a "science GPA" of at least 3.0.  It took me 2 semester to finish a total of 5 science courses and my GPA was decent enough to apply for transfer.  However, I missed the deadline for a transfer this upcoming semester and I'll have to reapply in Fall 2014.  Different colleges have different transfer requirements and one should pay close attention to the prerequisites.  The transfer application deadlines of these colleges are also different.  If I had known the transfer deadline was in March, I would've taken my 5 science classes in Fall 2013 instead! Lesson learned.


Here is some information about college transfer: