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Cornercopia: A student initiative at the U of M and what comes of it!

Just recently I found out that there is a student-run farm at the U of M!
It's called Cornercopia and it was founded in 2004 solely thanks to students' initiative. (Doesn't that speak to what impressive, motivate students are here?!) 
They grow produce and animals, and actually sell their products during the Farmers Market on campus every Wednesday from July through October!
In just 10 years they have grown from 20ft by 30ft into its current 3.34 acre and now sell produce to the Campus Club and U of M Dining Services.
Now Cornucopia is not only a source of internships, volunteering and produce but also a place to learn and get credits! One of the awesome things they offer is an organic farming workshop in the spring, so if you are like me and grow tomatoes in your room, you absolutely cannot miss this awesome opportunity!


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To me it's amazing that this started simply as an idea from two students that was supported by staff and instructors. Indeed "Driven to Discover". University of Minnesota is ready to support great initiatives and has proven this once again. Your ideas will definitely be valued here and will have the potential to change the world eventually :)

So come join us at the U of M and let's make a difference together!