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End of summer nostalgia

"The summer break is officially over" I keep reminding myself as I read through the usual beginning of semester swarm of emails.

Due dates, reminders, appointments, meetings; making sure my class schedule is in shape, my class syllabus and materials are ready and getting emotionally —and psychologically— ready to face my last semester as a Graduate Student at the University of Minnesota.

It seems it was not so long ago that I was sitting filling out forms, polishing my portfolio and working on my admission process to start Grad School. And, although it is true that this is the last race for me, it is already starting to feel  overwhelming, especially when I think about my final thesis project, among the million other things I have to do. Nevertheless, my summer was full of adventures and moments of joy that I cherish. 

I will miss the lazy summer days, the late-night barbecues on our rooftop, the numerous day trips to rivers, lakes and falls, camping, the smell of the bonfire blending with the aroma of a hot summer night, the faces of friends, the laughter and the overall sense of carelessness that comes with it. As the song goes: “Summertime, and the living is easy…”

Fall is coming, and with it many new things to learn and ways to grow.What’s next for me? Graduate, for one, and go out on the search for a job that will allow me to put all these things I’ve learned in school into practice.

And while my plans for the future can all be material for a completely new post, I will share with you a video that’s made up of tiny moments of my summer.

Looking back, I can safely say that my summer was full of good memories, good company and water, lots of water. I enjoyed having my brother over for the summer and showing him around the cities and Minnesota, taking him to the TCF stadium (too bad we didn’t catch a Gophers game) and sharing with him the life that I’ve known for the past (almost) 2 years.





The footage was filmed throughout the summer; in it you'll see I adopted a new kitten, I visited Minnehaha Falls, Gooseberry Falls, Willow Creek falls, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, St Anthony Falls, attended some festivals, went out for a —really bad— late night sushi, drove around the cities and went to many new places.

May your summer break end joyously and your fall semester starts off with a positive attitude with many goals to accomplish.


Val Lopez