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How to Take Care of Yourself During an Intense Semester

We students are all different. Some of you would like to spend time with friends, some would rather be alone to have a deep meditation session, before the home work and tests of a new semester start. In my case I enjoy spending time at a cabin or being with people I love. Here are some recommendations for you before an intense semester of university education.

  1. Go to a cabin close to the Twin Cities. I go to a cabin in Hayward, WI. You can spend your evening listening the sounds of nature, taking peaceful pictures of the landscape, as well as being away from the noise of the city.














2. There are a lot of independent theaters in Minnesota. You can try to go to one that sounds good to you. I specially like Bedlam Theater, because it has exceptional performances and you can also have fantastic food when you go visit: http://bedlamtheatre.org/

3. Explore a lake that you haven’t been or heard before: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/faq/mnfacts/water.html

4. Read books that’s you won’t be able to read when you’re at school.

5. Ride the Light Rail and go to different places in St Paul.

Have a great Fall Semester!!!