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Getting Through Your First Week

September 5th marks the end of the first week of Fall 2014 semester. For many of us, this is our first semester at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, and I’m telling you, what a happy day the first TGIF was. There can be many reasons as to why someone would be thankful of Friday, but this applies especially to new freshman and transfer students.


Well, as new students we are not adjusted to how things work on campus. I heard many screams from new students about their classes being too complicated, the campus layout is too complicated, myteacherspeakssofast and makes everything too complicated. When your friend tells you, “I don’t wanna talk about it!” well that’s because things are too complicated. There are just so many things that we haven’t discovered.

Be that as it may, there are things that we could do to prepare for the first week and here are some that I thought of:

1. Actually use your schedule planner application.

Arranging things in the first week is not easy especially if there are uncertainties in your schedule such as wait-listed classes. Use your schedule planner! It’s a great way to actually see what you will be doing, what events you could attend, and when will you have free time.


2. Spend some time finding out where your classes are located.

Before classes start, it might be a good idea to take a walk around campus and find where your classes are located. Getting lost your first week is a common thing and can be very frustrating. Applications such as Google Maps can be very useful to guide you during your walk.

3.Go to your TA’s or instructor’s office hours.

Their schedule is most likely to be the least busy early in the semester. From experience, many new students have trouble following the pace of the class. If that's the case, go see them! They are very helpful in clarifying things that are vague to you. In some cases, you might even magically finish your homework while talking to them *cough cough* happened to me *cough cough*.

Above all, find ways to keep yourself on track. Relax, find things that work out for you and consciously think about ways to deal with those that don’t. Don’t over think about and burn out. One or two misses and bad grades usually aren’t going to strip you of your aimed grade.

Keep going and good luck on your semester!