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How to find fun things to do around the campus

It is Fall Carnival today! My friend and I went to Coffman to check it out. There are several fun activities here but one thing I found most interesting is the zorbing. Basically, you are put in a huge ball and then when you run in the ball, you push the rolling ball to the other side. It can be played on water, or downhill, or on the grassy front plaza of Coffman. When I was in the zorbing ball, I felt like a hamster running in a wheel. I trapped myself and lost control several time. But it was super fun!

By the way, here are two great resources to get to know what is happening around the campus. The first one is the http://sua.umn.edu . In the upcoming event section, you can see many activities that are happening on campus so you and your friends can plan ahead for it.

The other website is https://events.umn.edu . This site divide events into 6 categories including Arts, Sports, and Lectures so it is easy to navigate the website and find the events you want to attend.

Besides, you can also go check the StarTribune and CityPage websites for more fun around the Twin Cities.  :)

Enjoy & Have Fun