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Transfer Welcome Days

So we recently had our Transfer Welcome Days. I myself am a new transfer student so yes, I was in most of the programs and found them to be quite fun!

First off, we were given free tickets to attend a football game in TCF Bank Stadium, as well as free lunch tickets. One thing though, try to wear a maroon or gold colored piece of clothing when you are cheering for the U of M. I set a very good example myself of what not to wear when the team is playing against the University of Eastern Illinois.

(I'm second from right)

Talk about the hard way, but you've got to agree that it’s a great picture, yes?

The game went on for about 3.5 hours and we did score a whole lot of points, ending the game 42-20 something. I left early because it was getting chilly. So another lesson is to bring a jacket or coat.

The second day was the longest. We started with some presentations about immigration, how to use STRENGTHS, and some motivations. I learned many of the things presented in my previous college and you might too, but there are things that you might find useful such as how and where to get scholarships.

When the presentations are done, the Transfer Student Ambassadors started to get busy. They took us for a meal at Campus Pizza for free, again. :)

So we got our bodies fueled, and we head to a refreshing event of the day: hangout in Goldy’s Gameroom. It was my second time to bowl and boy, I was rocking the game with 76 points… (my friends scored in the 80s or higher, mind you).

So the third day was actually the last day I attended the TWD because I had another event to go to on Sunday. The Saturday event is located in Mariucci Arena where many companies and clubs to present themselves to the students. There are SO many of them, I gave my email to everyone there and then got scared of opening my inbox the next day. The event was actually very useful if you are looking to get involved or just to get an idea of what they have to offer.

That’s about everything of my TWD experience. Prospective students should definitely consider attending this event!