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Campus Housing

Sometimes finding a suitable place to live can be a hassle for college students.  I lived in Middlebrook Hall during my first year of college and I had a great time.  University of Minnesota Housing and Residential Life offers up to 9 residential halls.  These residential halls include: Bailey Hall, Centennial Hall, Comstock Hall, Frontier Hall, Middlebrook Hall, Pioneer Hall, Sanford Hall, Territorial Hall and 17th Avenue Hall.  17th Avenue Hall is the newest available residential hall and it's located near Dinkytown.  Besides residential halls, the University also offers apartments such as University Village and Roy Wilkins Hall.  These apartments are generally more expensive but more spacious.  All residential halls and university apartments have dining service provided.  In my opinion, most dining halls do not have great variety of food, but there are always more restaurants along the Washington Avenue.  

This year I moved out to an apartment near Huron Boulevard.  With approximately the same price I pay for campus housing, I have my own bedroom and bathroom.  I also have a marvelous kitchen where I can cook my own food.  Indeed, there are a lot of non-university housing as well as off-campus housing.  The Station, Stadium Village Flats, Dinnaken House and Stadium View are some of the popular choices for students at the U.  However, one must be very cautious when choosing off-campus housing for factors of safety, convenience and reasonable pricing.

Besides the locations of these apartments, I believe pricing is also a huge issue for college students.  While on-campus apartments can be expensive, they are also more convenient for students to get to their classes.  My advice would be: unless you have a car and know how to drive safely in the winter, on-campus housing is always better than off-campus housing.  

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Pictured above is the new 17th Avenue Residence Hall.