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Wonderful Places to eat on the East Bank & West Bank

Needless to say, I am a fat boy. And what a fat boy loves is eating. When I was a primary school student, what I cared most about was what my mom would cook for lunch and dinner, and now, being a college student, my biggest hope is that UDS (University Dining Services) will change their menu more frequently. But, since they have to serve such a large amount of students, that task is not easy at all. This sometimes makes a fat boy like me feel sad. That's why I constantly search for new restaurants to satisfy my appetite. Luckily, there are a lot of wonderful, heaven-like restaurants on both the East Bank and West Bank that make food-lovers happy.

East Bank: For those one who love VietNamese food ( Who does not ?) and Chinese cuisines, you have arrived at the right place, first, I will invite you to Bun Mi restaurant, one of the best VietNamese sandwich restaurants on the planet, here is my review: 


1) Quality: 10/10: Wonderful, Mouth-Watering Delicious sandwiches served with fries. The sauce is absolutely a phenomenon; it goes absolutely well with the sandwich. There are a variety of sandwiches you can choose from, including a chicken sandwich, a beef S]sandwich and a pork sandwich. Each combo comes with fries and a beverage

2) Service: 9/10: Great service! After you place your order, you are given a piece of cardboard with numbers on it to help staff easily bring sandwiches to your table. Since the shop is crowded, waiting is inevitable.

Village Wok 

This is definitely a must for Chinese food-lovers, and this is my favorite place for cold days since it serves hot, delicious looking dishes that makes you wanna travel to China right away for more! To look at the menu is to be overwhelmed by the variety of dishes they have. For example, they have many styles of pork, including BBQ pork on rice, steamed pork, pork with broccoli,... to sea food cuisine like lobster (seasonal), crab amd shrimp, just to name a few. Service here is fast, and for every meal, you receive a little, cute looking fortune Cookie!

West Bank:

For those of you who love exotic dishes, or simply wanna try out a new country's food, Afro Deli is the place for you! Here they have tasty African food, with a variety of sandwiches, tacos, salads. Seriously, going into the restaurant makes you feel like you just stepped to another world. Afro Deli is decorated with colorful wallpaper, with red and green as 2 main colors, I guess since a large part of Africa is made of jungles, they want to make you feel like you are having a meal in a safari!

So I guess that's enough to make you feel hungry! So let's join the U of M not only for outstanding educational quality, but also for excellent, world-class quality food culture! See ya soon!