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Homecoming 2014 - Forever Gold. What's That?

If you have a chance to be on campus during the month of October, especially from the week of October 12th, you will see a common theme: "Homecoming" and students dressed up in gold-colored clothes (one of the two U of M colors, the other color is maroon). Now you might wonder, what's Homecoming?

"Homecoming" is a week of celebration that brings all students together to honor school spirit. This year is especially important because it's the 100th time the University of Minnesota has celebrated the Homecoming tradition. Festivities during Homecoming week include the most-awaited Homecoming football game, the parade where all students, U of M colleges, the marching band march along University Avenue, and of course, the biggest event during Homecoming Week is the concert featuring Walk the Moon and Iggy Azalea (yes, the rapper who sings Fancy and Black Widow)!

The Homecoming Tradition has continued for 100 years and will continue for another 100 years, so hurry and come join us on campus to experience this "festival" for yourself. I promise, there is not a better Homecoming week than the one here, at the University of Minnesota!

The Homecoming Football Game where the University of Minnesota battled Purdue when the U won 39-38 (of course!)