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Halloween week: What's happening on campus?

Guess what?

 Cirque de-Stress is back! Supported by the Boynton Health Service, the circus is intended to give students a break from the daily stress and have a fun time and relax. What’s more, all the performers of the Cirque de-Stress are students of the University of Minnesota! So if you have a special talent, next time you can be the one performing in the circus. And even if you don’t there are special clubs and student groups for you to learn if you are interested or just as a hobby (Juggling Club, ONE Unicycle Club etc.)




But don’t forget Halloween!



 Although not as popular worldwide, Halloween in the US is a big thing. Preparations start 2-3 weeks in advance, as people start decorating their houses and thinking of their costume (sometimes people even have 2 or 3 costumes).  The week was so packed with events from all the student groups and organizations that it was hard to choose from. Here are some pictures from the event the International Student Outreach (ISO) organized:


And following is my costume. How about you? What was your Halloween costume?

(Note: The firefighter truck was not included with the costume, if that is what you are asking yourselves)


And if have not had enough, here are some wild turkeys: (At this time of the year seeing wild turkeys roaming around campus is normal)