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Falling in Love with the Writing Center while Writing Long Papers

Hello guys! Finals are just about a month away. It seems like a lot of students, including me, are stressed out because of tons of due dates coming up. Taking a writing intensive class in my first semester seems like a lot for me since sometimes there are two essays due in one week. I was anxious about not finishing my paper last week since I was asked to write an (at least!) eight page paper about how I grew up. Even though I already had several examples written down, I had no idea about how to organize my paragraph and what was the proper length for a paragraph since I had never written such a long paper. As the due date approached, I felt frustrated because I was not able to organize my essay in a clear structure. I told my worries to one of my friends and I want to share her suggestions with all of you who might encounter writing a long paper for classes. She suggested I to go to the Writing Center for help even if I hadn’t finished my paper yet. The writing center is there not only for grammar checks but also for essay brainstorming. So I brought my essay draft to the writing center and my consultant went over my rubric and my essay with me to give me some comments on how to organize my paragraph to meet the requirements in the rubric. I felt much more confident by the time I left writing center. I went back to the Writing Center the next day for grammar checks. I end up getting a score that I am satisfied with for the essay. WOOHOO!!! As a conclusion, here are the tips I want to share while writing a big paper: 

1. Try to make two appointments to see the consultant in writing center before you hand it in. (Since it was hard to get both structure help and a grammar check in 45 minutes, especially when the paper is more than 6 pages long.)

2. Don’t be afraid to go to the Writing Center even if you haven’t finished the paper because they might be able to help you with the part that you are stuck at.

3. Make appointments ahead of time.

4. There are two locations that you can get help for writing: one is in the basement of Appleby Hall and another one is located in 15 Nicholson Hall.


While finals and winter are coming, please remember to stay HEALTHY!!!