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Goodbye Autumn; Hello Winter

Hello everyone. Have you enjoyed the first snow this year? Here are some pretty pictures taken by my friends:



I heard some of my Chinese friends joking and complaining about the "early" snow, compared to places they come from. But there are also some folks who told me they are excited all about the MORE coming snow since they have never experienced a snow in their lives!!! Lucky them. Haha.

For those of you who start feeling depressed and scared about the incoming snow, let's review some nice autumn scenes I recorded on campus to refresh our mood!!!



I hope that would maybe cheer you up a little~~~

At last, I want to share some of my tips on how to take care of ourselves in snowy weather:

  1. Check the weather report before you go to bed and set the alarm earlier that you normally wake up since you might need more time to walk to class.
  2. Check the weather report AGAIN before you set off for classes to see whether you've dressed appropriately.
  3. Walk carefully. Don't rush. 
  4. Remember to well utilize the Gopher Way(the underground tunnel) on Campus, especially on West Bank!!! You can almost go to every hall on West Bank without getting outside.
  5. Check out the connector or metro transit arriving time before you went outside. 
  6. Keep healthy as always!!! But if unfortunately you are coming down with something, don't hesitate to visit Boyton Health Service. Here are their locations and hours.