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I-Core and Major Selecting in the Carlson School of Management

There are a number of students who have no idea what they will be majoring in before, or even after, they are admitted to universities as undergraduates. While a lot of colleges and schools in the US require prospective students to chose a major or majors before they start school, the Carlson School of Management provides students the chance to take various business courses to find their interests before declaring major(s). And these courses are combined as an I-Core.

I-Core, the Immersion Core, is a 12 credit academic experience of four 3-credit business courses in Carlson that include Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain and Operations Management and Management. Usually, undergraduates in Carlson take I-Core in one of their sophomore semesters to get prepared for major declaring in their junior year. Giving myself as an example, I personally, benefit a lot from taking I-Core last semester. Firstly, and most importantly, developing friendships! The main difference between I-Core and other courses is that I-Core combines four courses to be taught in the same classroom with the same classmates Monday through Friday. While it is hard to get to know everyone in the classroom and build friendships with lots of the classmates in other courses, I-Core offers students the chance to stick with the same classmates for the whole semester everyday! Friendship automatically develops among classmates since we have team projects to work on together for four different courses. The friendships built and people met in I-Core are treasures to me. We all are students in the Carlson School of Management that enjoy business and might become colleagues one day in the future. Secondly, the crucial purpose of I-Core:I-Core really helps students find the area, within business, they are interested in and determines what they want to major to prepare for their future careers. I had no idea what I wanted to major in before taking I-Core because I was not quit sure what kind of courses of different majors would be taught in class and what the majors were about. Taking I-Core helps me clarify the different focuses of each major and made me confident of the major I wanted to learn more. I chose Finance as my major because I found myself loving the concepts of money and assets and was always looking forward to learn more about the financial market and investments. Additionally, I found Finance to be the easiest course among I-Core for me to understand and to do well on exams. And now, after taking three more high level Finance courses, I am more confident that I have made the right decision to major in Finance. 

Choosing the right major, in my perspective, is the first step toward success in future career. Majoring, studying and working in the field you love and are passionate about will make life so much easier and happier.