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A Tour of Middlebrook's 11th Floor

Hey guys, Anh here! I hope all of you are having a great winter with your family members. It is  cold here in Minnesota, with some snow, creating an absolutely gorgeous scene just like what you saw in Frozen. In this time, I guess my most favorite place is actually my dorm, yep, you did not hear it wrong. Middlebrook 11th floor has become my 2nd home for 3 months, and my love for it gets bigger and bigger everyday. After a long day studying and wandering around from building to building, I am sure that everybody needs their own shelter where they can finally sit down and relax with their close friends, share amazing stories and have some good laughs. Well, you do not have to look far away, here I present for you Middlebrook 11 th floor - my dear home!

Taking the elevator to the 11th floor, what pops right into your eye is our floor's man theme - a beautiful, yellow wall paper with pyramids, resembling a mysterious, unique Egyptian theme, we also have another special theme for winter, which was inspired by Frozen the movie with this cute snowman that makes everyone laugh just looking at him.                              


On the 11th floor, we have amazing study rooms for everyone, which creates a nice, friendly study environment. Having a hard math problem or cannot come up with new ideas for your writing papers? Trust me, what you need is welcoming study rooms like these.  Ask your friends to join you studying, and I am sure that you will produce some good work ( with phones away I guess...)


After studying, what everyone will need is a social room for them to hang out and talk with each other. Strangers will only be strangers if you do not make the first move, so step up, do not be shy, talk to them with a sincere attitude and you guys might be best friends ever since. Simply watching a football game together on Sunday nights, or enjoying some horror movies with friends on the floor are just a few ways to socialize. Here is our game room and social networking room on 11th floor. And do not forget to satisfy your thirst or hunger by some great vending machine !


Last but not least, here is a little private stuff I wanna share with you guys. In Middlebrook, for every single room, your name tag will go along with some cute figures hanging on your rooms' door. Mine is an eagle, so I am pretty much happy with it. But for Tyler my roommate, I am not sure whether he is happy or not with his black cat...