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Great Thanksgiving Feast with my Extended Family in MN!

Hello guys!!! Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving~ I know some of my friends enjoyed trips to New York City, Chicago and Seattle. For me, I just stayed in Minneapolis. It sounds lonely to stay here when most of my friends left for home. However, I was lucky since I got three invitations (I am thankful for those invitations) from either my host families or my friends. Here are videos I recorded during our Thanksgiving dinner:




At the end of Thanksgiving dinner, each of us all got a chance to share our thankfulness, which was touching. I want to share mine with you:

First, I am thankful to be able to make into the U and have the chance to meet all the decent people I have met so far. Thank you guys for showing up in my life. My first semester wouldn't be complete without you:)

Second, I am grateful for my experiences last year in MN as a high school exchange student since that really helped me learn about American culture and prepared me for this year.

Third, I have always been thankful for my family since otherwise I would not have made my way so far here in the U.S.

I am grateful for all the happiness as well as the hardship I have been through since they made me a better person.

Thank you for reading my post and feel free to leave me a comment to share your thankfulness with me!!!