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Campus Wide Apocalypse

What makes an event a “good one”, or rather, a “successful one?"

The unfortunately disappointing consensus of an answer would be careful planning, clearly defined purpose, teamwork between all related parties, etc. etc. etc.; we've all heard those many many times.

How about what makes an event a “refreshing one?"

This is more difficult to define, as one’s definition of “refreshing” is different from another. Most would agree however, that “refreshing” event needs to be fun, unique and interesting to the participants.

Now recall event(s) that you’ve attended, add all factors that made them fun/refreshing and think about your own definition of “the most refreshing event."

I’m willing to bet my luck on the next Organic Chemistry exam that you skipped the thinking part of the last sentence due to laziness; very acceptable.

Then let me simply suggest that a refreshing event requires people of the same interest to gather together and “get away” from what we call normal daily activities. The further you get away from your so called normal, the more recharged you will be when you get back. Thus an event of your interest, coupled with the participation of many people would help you achieve that and becomes refreshing.

Then let me simply ask: but how?

You can literally get away to some faraway place, or you can do it without going anywhere (binomial, lol).

Let me call an event where people with similar interest engage in an activity that distorts their daily life in a scale that involves the whole campus as the “ultimate event”. This event should be able to integrate itself to your daily life so that it becomes temporarily abnormal.

Sounds difficult? Yes it is.

Creating the so called “ultimate event” is not a work on the side; it absolutely needs creative and determined organizers and participants, not to mention some funding.

BUT what if I told you that the hard work is already done for some of the events going on at the U of M?

Take, for example, the annual Homecoming event which generally lasts for a few days. People are excited, they change their pace, and the whole campus is involved. Refer to Ambassador Bach’s blog for details about this event --> http://passport.umn.edu/ambassadors/2014/10/31/456/homecoming-2014-forev...

Another event that I’ve been wanting to talk about several paragraphs ago is the “Human vs. Zombie event” which is held every semester. The event lasts for a full week, involves the whole campus building, and yes, it goes on even during study hours. During this event the participants get to realize their zombie apocalypse fantasies. Shooting zombies on your way to class, know what I mean?

The zombie team’s goal is to infect every human while the humans try to finish every missions assigned to them. Naturally, the humans don’t go unarmed, and what are the things zombies most afraid of? That’s right, rolled up socks and Nerf guns. The humans could use those “weapons” against the zombies to aid them during missions.

Again, this event goes on full time for a week without breaks. See this guy for example:

All participants get to have fun and take some breaks from normal studying/working days. Additionally, safety procedures are heavily integrated to the event to make sure that no one gets hurt. People die, reincarnate as zombies, but they don’t get hurt. Now this is the “ultimate event”.

Now, the only way this could be better is that if more groups of organizers could put up their ultimate events for people who are not-so-keen on zombie killing. Thinking of what I could do at the moment, we’ll see how it goes in the future. :)

Thanks for reading, see you in my next write-ups!


Credit to UMN HvZ group for pictures: