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Double Majors

Interested in both accounting and American History but could not decided which one to choose? Well, ever though about a third option---double majoring? With more than 140 majors provided in Twin Cities campus, you will definitely find a major you like. Here is a list of all majors offered by UMN. (http://admissions.tc.umn.edu/admissioninfo/fresh_acadprog.html)

Worried about not graduating on time because you're double majoring? Don’t be. You can still do a minor, if you think a second major is too much work for you. A good way to find out if you can handle all those courses work is to go to OneStop and check what kinds of courses you need to take in order to receive the certificate or degree. Suppose you are interested in both Economics and Statistic, you can go to the University Catalogs website and choose both majors. And we can see that there are several courses that are covered by both majors. Like the STAT4101 OR 5101. (Left:Econ; Right: Statistic)

That means as long as you take one class, you can fulfill the requirement in both majors. Pretty cool huh? And if you choose two majors that are within a college, say marketing and finance in Carlson School of Management, you would be surprised to find out how many classes these two majors shared in common. (Left: Finance; Right: Marketing)

Here is the website of all majors and minors listing: http://www.catalogs.umn.edu/index.html

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