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So many study spots, so little time

It's about that time of year, finals week.

The week that sends students into hibernation in the libraries and other various study spots on campus. There are literally hundreds of places to study on campus. We have so many libraries on campus with desks and quiet spaces where you can just relax on your laptop, with a book, or a tablet of some sort. My first year here as a student I spent a lot of time studying for finals and other exams in the main library on East Bank campus, arguably one of my favorite buildlings on campus; Walter Library. It is so insanely beautiful that studying there is like a treat. You walk into the main study space, the ceiling is a few stories high, and then you find a seat at a table with outlets and such and just get to work. I remember my freshman year I literally sat at a table there for 6 hours straight.

Nowadays, I tend to study in different locations on campus. I don't really like staying in one spot. On some days I study at my apartment just laying down on my bed. Sometimes I take a short walk to Dinkytown and visit one of the many local coffeeshops there and sit there for a couple of hours. Throughout campus I explore more. I still do study at Walter Library, but on other days I go to the newly renovated Northrup Auditorium and sit in the study spaces they recently built in there. Other times I'll go to the new rec center and sit by the fireplace. If I get too stressed with the exams, I'll just go for a quick run at the rec (it is Minnesota winter so I am DEFINETLY running on the suspended track) to destress.

Pretty much any building on campus has a spot to study. You can find out more about our study spaces here, but I personally just like walking around and finding a table or couch that looks comfy and just studying there.

And yes, I tend to study a lot, it's college!