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Student Events

In early November I was invited to take part in an event held by the Indian Student Association. This event, which was a three-hour long fashion and dance show, gave me a much better understanding of the Indian culture in a fun way! Admission was free for everyone and there was free food available as well. It was my first time trying Indian food and it was a pretty unique experience. During dinner I noticed a lot of the Indians did not consume their food with cutlery. Instead, they used their hands to eat rice and bread. According to the etiquette of Indian dining, one should consume food with only his/her right hand. Without knowing the etiquette of Indian dining, I used a fork to consume my meal, and that drew a lot of attention from the people who were sitting next to me. It was such a culture experience.

The show itself was amazing. I saw different clothing designs from different regions of India. Clothing in India varies according to the religion and the culture of the people in that region. I noticed a lot of people who went to the show wore Sari, which was a garment commonly worn by women in India. A lot of men who went to the show wore Mundu, which was a type of white garment.

This was one of the most well-organized and successful show I've ever been to. I was amazed by the huge variety of food, clothing designs and traditional dances of India. This show has definitely increased my cultural awareness and changed the way I view Indian culture.