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Selecting classes is actually fun

As a third year student now, I have some experience with selecting classes and knowing how to decide which is right to take at a certain time. I'm majoring in Strategic Communication which is part of the College of Liberal Art's Journalism school.

As a freshman though, I spent a lot of time at my advisor's office deciding what classes to take. You just go to the advisor you are given (by scheduling a meeting or going to their walk-in hours) and just sit down with them. The first few times you meet will be very helpful, as he knows exactly what courses you should be taking to graduate on time. This is especially helpful if you have credits from elsewhere and aren't sure if some transfered or not. He then basically showed me how to use the graduation planner, probably my favorite tool for college use. Once I decided what major I wanted, I put it in the plan website and it creates a list of classes you need to take to graduate with that degree. It's laid out simply and is kind of fun to play with, seeing what courses you can choose and when to take them. 


With my degree part of the Journalism school, they required me (and every other JSchool student) to have a four year plan of every course I'm going to take before I even apply to the major, so it was actually extremely helpful now that I have every course already picked out. I still see my advisor every semester though, to see if there's posibilities to graduate early, or take a different class if it sounds more fun, etc. With so many advisors and tools on campus, selecting classes is extremely easy and actually kind of fun!