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Management Information Systems major at the Carlson School of Management

When talking about business schools' majors, students typically think about Accounting, Finance, or maybe Marketing. At the Carlson School of Management (CSOM) we have a fairly new business major called Management Information Systems, or MIS. The MIS major started around the 1970s, and CSOM was actually one of the first business schools that offered the major. Most importantly, this year the MIS major in CSOM was ranked 3rd in the nation according to US News and World Reports. 

So, what exactly is MIS? Through learning MIS, students are able to apply information technologies (IT) to solve business problems in companies as well as maximizing the technology infrastructure in different functional areas. In addition, MIS is considered one of the "hot" majors since every business and companies employ technologies to advance their business processes, and MIS professionals are often the problem-solvers of an organization's IT issues. With an MIS degree, graduates can work in various roles in different industries, such as business analyst or consultants for a corporation or for a consulting firm.