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How To: Join the Perfect Student Group

The University of Minnesota has hundreds of student groups on campus, hundreds. We have over 800, which is a lot to take in at once. With so many different groups, one may be overwhelmed with which to check out and which to walk by and ignore. But with over 800, this means there is at least one group that will be perfect for your interest.

What should you look for in a student group? Something where you can have fun, are about the topic/theme the group is about and like the people who are also part of the clubs.

Trying to find the perfect group is where it gets difficult. There are plenty of ways to do this though, some options more fun than others.

One easy option is to just go to the Student Unions & Activities website and go to the section about student groups. Here you can search for a group or just browse them all. When it comes to searching, you can filter them by category (examples include Fine Art/Music/Film or Cultural and Diversity or even Fraternity/Sorority), This can shorten up the list of 800+ groups to make it easier to browse. You can also just type in a keyword (for example "korea" will bring up the various groups that have Korean motives or interests).


Another option is to check out the student group activities fairs that occur every now and again on campus. On the first week of school for Freshmen, Welcome Week has an activities fair which includes plenty of groups that may be of interest. Here you can talk with people from the actual group and see if it's a fit for you.

The last option, one that I've actually done, is taking a stroll down the Washington Avenue Bridge in the tunnel. Here a number of student groups get to paint a panel as a little, fun ad for their group. Not only does it make for a fun walk across the bridge, but it shows you what else is on campus in regards to student groups. They'll have contact info or meeting times on the panel and then you can go from there if something catches your eye!

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