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How To: Maintain Happiness During College

Everybody knows how stressful it is to be in college. With enormous amounts of homework and exams and without proper ways to maintain positive life styles, we can easily become depressed. Depression is not good since it can result in many negative results such as a low GPA or less social interactions. With that in mind, how can one become positive in college and stay happy?

1) I remembered in my first semester (Fall 2014) I was shocked and blown away by the amount of readings I had to do every week. Being a lazy-reader, 200 pages of reading per week seemed impossible for me to finish. And of course, my first couple weeks I spent a majority of time figuring out how to make life easier. The answer pops up in Walmart, or, basically in any convenience store: a highlighter. Yes, the key for reading is that always high light key ideas in your text. Never attempt to memorize everything since it is even impossible for Megamind! My rule is 2 or 3 = 1 or 1.5, which is the amount of reading in 2 or 3 pages can be condensed into 1 or 1.5 page of high lighting. Try to understand what you read. Don't just learn by heart!

2) Make for yourself "something to wait for": Have you ever had a Kinder Egg? Yes. I mean the chocolate egg with a toy inside the shell! I bet we can't forget those feelings of opening Kinder Eggs, waiting and feel excited about what could be hidden inside. This kind of feeling helps boost up adrenaline - a chemical that helps increase activities and make us feel excited. Kinder Egg is just a little example since many things can cause excitement: a movie in the weekend, a date with your boy/girl friend or simply a decent meal in a Vietnamese restaurant (for me at least). Try making a lot of surprise things that await you every week. I guarantee your week is going to be much more meaningful.

3) Sleep, sleep, sleep: By saying this, I don't mean you should sleep all day long ( Well, unless you major in Sleeping). I know being a college student equal less time for everything, but you should maintain at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday. 2 months ago I was deeply disappointed since I always felt sleepy during lectures, more than that, I always sit in the front! I bet you don't want your professor to see you as a punk, attending lecture and make fun of them by sneezing, do you? So get enough sleep since it is going to help you remember things easier. Have a fresh mind to start the next day!

And remember: Friends are always shelters for your souls, keep connecting, keep sharing! Take care and good luck to you all!

Anh Hoang