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The Rec Center

One of my favorite buildings on campus is definitely the University Recreation & Wellness Center, especially with the new portion that was just put up a year ago. I tend to spend a lot of my week in the rec actually. There's just so much to do there! Here's some of my favorite things to do at the rec.


1) Obviously, working out is the main reason I go. With so many different floors of equipment and machines there's a lot to do. I tend to spend my time in the South Gym and do a bunch of lifting and cardio throughout the building. That's just fun in general to me. Nothing feels better than letting off all my school stress than lifting a few weights.

2) Another thing I like to do at the rec is participate in some intramurals sports! I've been on an intramural volleyball team every semester since I've been a student here and the games are played at the rec center. This allowed me to get to know people who all like volleyball and continuely play against/with the same group of people every week. Not only has it kept me active, but it's really fun.

3) A third thing I like to do at the rec center is go to the various workout classes they have every week. From yoga to zumba to HIIT, there's a class for everyone. The instructors are always fun, usually students so they're around your own age, and are dedicated to making sure you are having fun while being fit. My friends always go to yoga early in the morning to start their day, which I think is a great idea!

4) Another thing I enjoy doing is playing pick up basketball on one of the basketball courts. With open gyms being pretty often, I usually go with a friend and just ask some other guys shooting around if they want to play 2 on 2 or even start a full court game with others around us. It's another great way to meet new people and it's so fun.