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Skiing is Love at the Very First Swoosh!

Many of us dread the winter because of the cold and the unbearable pain it comes with when we slip on ice. But, it is a different feeling when slipping down a slope is fun and falling several times is not painful anymore. This winter break, my friends and I went to a place called Afton Alps in Hastings, MN. This place is about 30 miles from the university and is one of the best places if you want to ski or snow board. Do not be afraid if you do not know how to ski because many people out there are amateurs too and it is always fun to watch people and learn from them as they rectify their mistakes.   

You need not have to carry any equipment but ski pants are advisable since they are will keep your trousers or pants dry. The skis, snow boards, shoes, helmet and glasses are all available on a rental basis at this facility. The first image you see above is of a bunny hill where amateurs like my friends and myself tried learning the art of slipping on snow without falling. For all the adventure sport lovers who have never tried this, it is a must.

My friend here said that snowboarding is COOLER compared to skiing. To that I will say, SKIING is more elegant.