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The Great U of M Bookstore

The Bookstore here at the University of Minnesota is one of the most exciting places around campus, because you can find almost anything you can think of. There is so much to buy that will show the pride of the U and your pride as a Gopher! The Bookstore is located in the basement level in the Coffman Memorial Union.

In the beginning of every semester students visit the bookstore to buy their textbooks or to pick them up if ordered online. The textbooks in the bookstore are available throughout the years and everyone is welcome to take a look at them before registering for the particular course. Some textbooks can even be rented in order to save students money! The U cares about its students and knows that college students are usually on a tight budget so professors and the University try their best to get students the lowest price on the textbooks possible. The version of the textbooks are very flexible to students as well depending if they prefer ebooks or paperbacks. The return policy on textbooks is awesome too. It gives full refund on the textbooks if returned within a certain period of time. No worries if you want to change or drop a course. In addition, students can always sell their textbooks back to the Bookstore at the end of the semester when they have completed their courses and certain textbooks are no longer needed.

Now, there comes the most exciting part of the Bookstore! There are far more other interesting commodities that the Bookstore sells and most of them have the logo and the colors of the U! There are clothes, study supplies, accessories and more that are U of M exclusive! A variety of books other than textbooks, like novels, are available at the Bookstore to students who love to read as well. There is even an electronic store within the Bookstore that provides electronic devices from phones to computers with special discounts only to students of the U. Check out the Bookstore as soon as possible when you are on campus and show your spirit as a Gopher!