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ISA Members Went Hunting? (at the Job Fair)

On February 20th, three members of ISA were seen hunting in the Minneapolis Convention Center. Every year, the U of M holds the Job and Internship Fair where people can be seen job searching in suits and dresses.

The goal was to look for a position hailed to be one of the most prestigious for college students; an internship (or a job).

Each year, about 250 companies attend this event, with over 300 actually present this year including large institutions such as Mayo Clinic and Cub Foods. Therefore many companies mean many positions to be filled.

However, with the number of competitors present, it is necessary to prepare your best before entering the convention. Thus our three members swallowed their nervousness, glued their face expression at its cutest, and took a selfie:

(Fabio, Bomi, and Kevin)

Some other things to prepare before you go hunting:

  • Finalize your resume: Don’t go soft on this one, resume is your main weapon to land an internship. Go to career center for some professional inputs, employees only look at it for about 30 seconds so make it nice and compact.
  • Wear appropriate attire: Not much can be said about this one. Dress as if you’re going to a friend’s wedding, with less make-up.
  • Check your aim: Download maps and other apps available for the fair, confirm the location of companies that you’re interested in to save time.

Once you are at the fair, make your way and approach the HR representatives to show your quality and look for possible positions in their company. Be confident, do not tell them any negative points about you unless asked. Finally, be sure to get back to the companies that interest you within 48 hours.

That’s all, happy hunting!