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2nd Year On Campus Housing

Most freshman feels uncomfortable about staying in dorm in sophomore year. And indeed, a majority of them choose off campus housing as their home for second year. Maybe because the dorm is too expensive, the food is not so good or simply because they feel that they need their own space for living and studying. But from my perspective, staying on campus in sophomore year is actually a great choice. Here are some reasons:

1) Distance: Any residence hall on campus is located precisely to help you reach your class buildings in the shortest amount of time. I am a Carlson student, so my choice would be Middlebrook Hall. Imagine you wake up in the morning, you are so tired because you stayed up late last night and you want to sleep more. But at the same time, skipping class is not what you want. Distance to classroom plays an important role when we talk about class attendance. According to research study, if student have to walk less, they tend to attend class more regularly. Middlebrook Hall is just a few foot steps to Carlson building, so it makes me feel extremely comfortable walking to my class.

2) Busy: If you feel your Freshman year is hard enough, I guarantee Sophomore year will be even tougher. You began to take classes that are related more to your majors, which are obviously harder than those Liberal Art class in your first year. More workload can easily make you become stressful, discouraged, and might even drive your performance down the road. If that is not enough, imagine you have to COOK for yourself. This is definitely a burden (for me at least) since I am not in that level of Gordon Ramsay. Well during Winter Break I stayed with my cousin in his apartment and I had to cook for myself. It'd take me at least 2 hours for a decent meal, although I know every basic cooking skills by attending some cooking class. The taste? Not so good, I had to discard my food twice, then, they gradually become "swallowable." Imagine you have 4 midterms in a week and still have to spend time cooking, that's not so comfortable. I even broke the sink in my cousin's house since oil stuck in the pipe and I had to pay 300$ fixing fee. That is to say, even when dorm food sounds not so delicious, at least they are always warm, welcoming , and flexible so that you can enjoy them anytime you want without disturbing your schedule. Things become easier in the third year when your are familiar with the workload, and be able to move out.

3) Friends: This is by far one of the most important reason to stay on campus. If you live in dorm for 2 years, you can double the number of persons in your friend list easily. When people move out, they tend to be less open, therefore making less friends. But in a dorm, it is a different story: Saturday night hang out, group studying, Taco Bell Run; those are just a few chances for dorm friends to tie together. Living in a close space make people feel more connected. Friends helps you overcome your stresses and get through hardships easier

With that in mind, WHY DON'T WE GIVE OUR DORM a second chance?