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Living in Comstock Hall

​When it comes time to choose a residence hall a lot of factors come into play. Is it close to my classes? How are the rooms? Will I have a roommate? Is there a dinning hall? Is it too big or too small? Is it loud during the weekends? And so many more. I know from first-hand experience how hard it is to clarify all these doubts and actually get a feel of how it is to live in one of these halls using only the information at umn.com/housing, even though that website is very instructive. Therefore, I wanted to give you all a brief description of the hall I live in, Comstock Hall.


Comstock Hall is located on the East Bank but since it is right by the bridge that connects east and west bank, it is also very close to West Bank. Location-wise, Comstock is fantastic for CSE students, because most of our classes (I’m also a CSE student) are in the Mall area, which is only a five minute walk from Comstock, something that is highly appreciated in the winter! Comstock is a relatively small residence hall, it only has about 560 residents while most others have about 700. This means that its not too crowded and that there is hardly any noise.

I enjoy this a lot because it means I can study in my room without being bothered by loud music or anything like that. Comstock is also a co-ed hall, meaning that men and women share the same hallway and usually have rooms next to one another, roommates, however, are always of the same gender. That is another point of interest, Comstock has single and double rooms, meaning that you can choose if you want to have a roommate or not. With regards to the rooms themselves, I’ve noticed that they are a little bigger than double rooms in other residence halls and, something that is a huge plus in my opinion, every room has a built in sink. This is not true for any other residence hall. To finalize, Comstock is one of the six residence halls that has a dinning hall, something that is very convenient.

Well, I hope that helps some of you make a decision about where you want to live!

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