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Viva Colonia

Guten Tag! Greeting from Köln, Germany. How is everyone doing with the new semester/year in Minnesota? Well, for me, I am spending a semester in University of Cologne in Germany. It has been two weeks since I came to Cologne (Köln) and I have to say, Cologne is a really charming and fascinated city.

UofMinnesota student in UofKöln. :)

During the first week in Köln, the WiSo faculty (faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences) along with PIM&CEMS Club provide all new exchange students a whole welcome week event package including city tour, campus tour, pub crawl, and even a trip to Bonn. It was an really awesome time to meet people from different parts of the world while improving your German skill.(As for me, English, because I don't know any German language before I came here, so most of time I would speak English haha)

On the day we did the city tour, we walked around the old part of the town where we saw the Dom(Cologne Cathedral- one of the most well-known cathedral in Europe) and Hohenzollern Bridge.

There are thousands of love locks on the bridge.

This place is called Neumark.It is kinda like the business centre and the best tram transit station in Cologne. My friends and I did some sightseeing and tried some traditional food here.

Me and the fries hahah

And during the welcome week, we also did a trip to Bonn.

Tried some traditional food here.

This is University of Bonn. Majestic!

This is the Haribo factory where you can get all kinds of candy here. It is amazing!! They even have some huge boxes that are full of surprise because you have no idea what kind of candy in it. I was trying to buy it but it was too heavy to carry back to home.

It was a tiring trip and I was really tired so I decided to sleep in the train. I guess this was not a clever decision haha.

So that marks the first week of life in Köln. Keep it up with Ocean for my next trip in Europe :)

Enjoy & Have Fun