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Renaissance Revival Masterpiece- The Minnesota State Capitol

This winter, Ambassador Kevin and I took a tour of the Minnesota State Capitol along with a large group of students from the International Buddy Program.

The Minnesota State Capitol is located in St. Paul, the capital of the state of Minnesota. For all those who thought that Minnespolis was the capital, it is not. St.Paul and Minneapolis together are called the Twin Cities and hence our University is named as such. The Capitol building was designed by architect Cass Gilbert, who also designed the iconic Woolworth Building in New York City. 

Currently, the Capitol is undergoing a $272.7 million, three-plus years comprehensive restoration and repair initiative to update the infrastructure supporting the Capitol Complex and to preserve the building for future generations. The Restoration Project will wrap up in 2017. 

In the picture above, one can see the the gold-leafed copper and steel statuary group, "Progress of the State," was sculpted by Daniel Chester French and Edward Potter and placed on the Capitol in 1906. The four horses represent the power of nature: earth, wind, fire and water. The women symbolize civilization and the man standing on the chariot represents prosperity. 

The Capitol is dominated by its extraordinary dome, with its close resemblance to the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., and the most famous domed building in the world-the Basilica of St. Peter's in Rome, designed by Michelangelo more than 350 years earlier.

The classically styled building, which boasts the second largest self-supported marble dome in the world, features 23 different types of stone, including 16 varieties of marble from around the world, and granite and limestone from Minnesota.

Pictures Courtsey: Pooja Mehta, Masters Student, Biomedical Engineering