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Libraries and Coffee? Perfect Combination

At the University of Minnesota, there's over hundreds of places to study. From the basement of Coffman Memorial Union to laying in the grass in the mall area to sitting in the lobby of the Rec Center, the possibilities are endless. Personally, I like to change things up and always study in new locations to keep things fresh and keep my creative mind flowing as a Strategic Communication Major.

With about a dozen libraries on campus, these are the most popular places to study for most students. There's Wilson Library on West Bank, Walter Library on East Bank and McGrath Library in St. Paul.

My favorite library is probably Walter Library for various reasons. Not only is it a beautiful buildling, but it's centrally located in East Bank so it makes for an easy walk to the library after my class in the mall area.
Walter.jpgSomething specifically that I love about Walter, is the coffeeshop located in the basement level; Wise Owl Cafe. It's a place where you can use your FlexDine from your meal plan or just pay up front with cash or card with amazing coffee.

During finals you can find me sitting at Walter with a coffee next to my laptop!

This is just my personal opinion though. Some students like to study in the smaller libraries like the library located in Lind Hall or the library located in the basement of the Journalism building; Murphy Hall.

There's so many options, and as a third year undergraduate student now, I'd recommend you to just explore your options and see where you end up studying best!