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“(Up)rooted and (Un)moored"

“(Up)rooted and (Un)moored: Discourses of Belonging in Hispanic and Lusophone Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics” 

One of the highlights of University of Minnesota is the academics opportunities that are offered. There are a variety of talks, conferences, performances, films and so on, constantly happening in our campuses. The Spanish & Portuguese Department and the graduate students are having their Second Annual Graduate Student Conference in Hispanic and Lusophone Literatures and Linguistics in April 10 & 11, 2015. I invite you all to participate and be part of a rich academic discussion centered on: race, religion, diaspora/borders, second language acquisition, gender/sexuality, (post)colonialism, genocide & mass violence, language policy, nationalism/national identities, refugees/exile, humor & emotions, linguistic assimilation, Spanish/Portuguese in the US, phonology, language variation, language contact. 

This time, our conference will discuss the notion of identity, belonging as well as an examination of the notions of rootedness and mooring in traditional discourses that have dominated the Hispanic and Lusophone worlds. What are some ways in which literature, culture, and linguistics respond to these discourses? In what ways do the intersecting subcategories of identity contribute to (up)rooting and (un)mooring? 

La Masía. Miró

 For more information about the conference, please visit our home page at http://spanport.umn.edu/grad/GradConf2015.html.

The conference will be held on Friday: Nolte 140 and Saturday: Folwell 108


“Identity is constructed both through belonging and through exclusion as a choice or as imposed by others and, [...] it involves various degrees of emotional attachment to a range of communities and groups.” (Montserrat Guibernau, Belonging: Solidarity and Division in Modern Societies)