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Another reason to major MIS - CoMIS Comp

Hey guys, I am so sorry for not posting blogs recently. Psychology and Astronomy 1001 drives me crazy these days and only now I can settle down a bit and tell you some intereting stories. As you may know, or may not know, my major is MIS. Ambassador Bach Nguyen has posted many blogs about why you should consider MIS as your major. This blog is dedicated to the same topic, and I hope it will fuel your passion for this subject even more! Let's get started!

So about a week ago Carlson of Management (CSOM) organized an event call "CoMIS Competition" - Sponsored by United Health Group, 3M, Medtronic, Target, General Mills, Travelers, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and the MIS Quarterly.
You may ask what is that? The CoMIS Case Competition is a business challenge related to management information systems. Student competitors are given the case and 24 hours to prepare their presentations. The judges, who represent sponsoring organizations, select a few teams to move onto the second round, and then declare a winner. This year’s case was to create a plan for a business to successfully integrate the Affordable Care Act into its strategy. A team from the Carlson School took first place at the fourth annual CoMIS Case Competition on March 28. Team members Sam Bagley, Teja Choudhary, and Spencer Price defeated 14 other, and this is the 2nd year they won! I was so happy when I could become the guide for teams that join the comp. My job is to walk them from Courtyard Marriott to Carlson, guide them between break rooms, presentation rooms and finally lunch room. Trust me, I learn a lot thanks to this event. Here's some interesting parts:
Team Minnesota’s solution was to have the business rework its website, create an app, and introduce a rating system–“Health ID”–to track employee fitness. Choudhary, who handled strategy and prototypes for the team expressed his feelings after the competition :"Our team struggled in the beginning with not being clear as to what our recommendation was but we improved significantly”. “We constantly kept going through our slides to make sure they were clear and simple. Our coach always says ‘even when you think your slides are simple, go back and make them even simpler to the point where a four-year-old can understand the idea behind it.’”
While Choudhary worked on strategy, the other team members had their own parts to play–Bagley was in charge of finance and Price covered the IT-related tasks. “This team has been highly motivated this year, even requesting some extra practice and coaching leading into last week’s competition,” Reily said. Team Carlson truly won for their impressive performance, they formed an incredible, strong, united group. They have made history repeated and once again make Carlson proud!
By taking first place, the team earns a trophy and the opportunity to compete internationally. Team members will fly to Singapore for the APEX Biz-IT Global Case Challenge.