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Dinkytown, the small area next to campus with the silly name and dozens of things to do.


Dinkytown is right across the street from campus and contains a lot of food, shops, coffeeshops and housing for students. Personally, I live in an apartment complex over in Dinkytown so it's a close walk or bike ride to classes! One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is go to Dinkytown and try out a new restaurant. There are normal fast food joints like McDonald's or Subway, but there are also some Dinkytown-specific restaurants. Some of them have even won awards for being so good.

My favorite restaurants in Dinkytown include Annie's and Schuang Cheng.

Annie's is a pretty well-known restaurant for their AMAZING burgers, fries and malt-shakes. Honestly, I don't think I have ever had better of the three. It sits on the corner of a street and with outdoor patio seating on a deck, you can eat outside and look at the beautiful Minneapolis Skyline.

The other restaurant, Schuang Cheng, is my favorite Chinese restaurant. It's just delicious and not that expensive. During lunch, they have this amazing lunch special for less than $7. It's insane! Besides Schuang Cheng there are other Asian restaurants as well in the area, like Pagoda. Some have pho, some have sushi, it varies!


Besides food you can even watch a performance. The Varsity Theater is a venue right in the center of Dinkytown that can hold a couple hundred people. They usually host Minneapolis-native music groups or sometimes even bigger artists from the world. Another cute thing that happens at the Varsity is weddings. Every now and again you can walk by and see a wedding going on inside.

Then there's the shopping. There's a Gopher clothing store, there's a new Target Express and even a clothing store called Gina + Will's.

Dinkytown is just a great place to spend a couple of hours. It's close, it's nice to walk around and it's full of things to do!