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MCAE Kick Off for Class of 2019!

Hi future Gophers! The clock is ticking and the month of welcoming the Class of 2019 is not far away! In addition to organizing the Welcome Week which helps in making the U smaller, the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (MCAE) at University of Minnesota organizes a Kick Off every year, which gears incoming students to step out of their comfort zone to get to know other incoming and returning students.  Coupled with fun dances, scavenger hunts and story-circles, the Kick off is an event for incoming students, which ensures an easier and smoother transition into the U.

As an international student at the Kick Off, I not only met amazing new people, but also built genuine relationships with my leaders. Since the Kick Off happened before the week long Welcome Week, it helped me find a sense of belonging, build friendships and learn how to live like a college student. The Kick off also helped me explore the innumerous resources and opportunities present at the U!


As a participant in the Kick Off, you not only gain leadership and social skills, but also get the opportunity to be registered with MCAE. In addition to recognizing U of M students for their excellent performances, MCAE has services that include Writing Help, Tutoring Sessions, M-ASAP and so on, all of which help undergraduates make the best out of their four years.                                                                   large_097_0.jpg  
Learn more about this amazing program at: https://diversity.umn.edu/multicultural/mcaekickoff

Don’t forget, registration starts in Summer 2015! Apply to this event and ensure a perfect start to 4 successful years!