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The U-Pass

With such a great city to explore, getting around if you don't have a car or bike can be a bit difficult. That's why the Twin Cities has a great public transit system; Metro Transit.

The University of Minnesota has teamed up with Metro Transit and offers an extremely cheap bus pass for students of the U. For only $100 a semester, this little card can get you unlimited rides on all public buses and even the lightrail system.


Public transit is so helpful and convenient on campus. Yes, we have the Campus Connectors and Circulators for the U campus, but there accessibility of transit to get off campus is a plenty. With the new Green Line Light Rail line that just went in last summer, it connects downtown Minneapolis to downtown St. Paul. Something convenient about it is that three of the actual stops are on campus!

  • West Bank
  • East Bank
  • Stadium Village

These three stops are extremely convenient and you actually don't need a U-Pass to use any of the three. There's something called a "Campus Zone Pass" which is a free pass for any U student to use those three stops of the Green Line for free. Besides that thuogh, you'd need your U-Pass or just buy a ticket at the stops. Connected to the Green Line is the Blue Line system that goes from downtown Minneapolis all the way to Mall of America.


Then there are plenty of bus stops around as well. There's a bus that heads straight down campus to surrounding areas like Como, NE Minneapolis and Stadium Village where a majority of off-campus students live. Last year, I used one of these busses to get to and from campus because I lived a bit off campus.

If you want to get downtown to the city, there's a bus that picks up a block off campus and takes you directly downtown as well for all your shopping and eating needs. Honestly, there's just so much to do in the Twin Cities area. I recommend getting a U-Pass so you can truly experience everything Minnesota can offer! I've been here 3 years now, and there are still plenty of places in the city I've never even seen before!