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Summer Classes

Well, with my second semester all wrapped up here at the U, I had to make a choice regarding what I’d do for the summer, since we have a long break (3 months!). I chose to stay here in Minnesota and take some summer classes. I did this to earn some credits that I wouldn’t have time to earn during the semester.

I took two classes: Introduction to Journalism and History of Rock and Roll. These courses gave me some credits that I needed to fill as the Liberal Education part of my degree (despite majoring in engineering, we need a few credits from other disciplines to graduate).

This was a really interesting process. The classes, that are normally twice a week and last 50 minutes, now were everyday and lasted 3 hours! This was done because they need to have the same class time as a normal semester, and the classes lasted for only three weeks. This meant that it was a lot of work, and especially a lot of reading! But ultimately, it was a very good deal, because I got to dedicate my time almost exclusively to these classes and also take a class that I was really interested in, like rock history (I love rock music haha). The classes in the summer are also smaller, meaning your interaction with the teachers is much more personal, and I thought that was really cool.

Staying here also gave me the opportunity of enjoying the beautiful summer that Minnesota has! The days here have been very sunny and pretty hot (perfect for a brazilian) and I’ve been enjoying myself a lot here.

Well, I hope you found this helpful and that you remember when the time comes for you to make your own summer plans, summer classes are a great way to free up your semester and take some fun classes, just remember that it takes some dedication! ;)