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Becoming a board member!

Hi guys! I am back with my first blog of this Fall 2015! This past summer was a great experience for me since I went back to my home country - Viet Nam to visit my families and relatives after a year in college. Yep, there were a lot of stories, good food, good places and the fun seemed never end. But now I am back for my Sophomore year, and this blog, I have a brand new experience that I want to share with you guys: Become a board member of VISA - Vietnamese International Student Association!

As you guys might know, becoming a board member of a student group is not easy. You must be engaged with the group by participating in group meetings, and be willing to give a hand whenever the group has any events or activities that need supports from members and volunteers. Then it comes down to the election process, when new members are considered to be selected as board members (president, finance director, chief marketing officers, logistics...) if they show enough passion for the group. For me, last year I was elected as the Chief Marketing Officer for VISA, and it has become one of the best moment that I have had during my time in the U. On May 19th 2015, VISA has a final event called BBQ Thank You Event to celebrate the end of school year, as well as to introduce new board members to our friends. Me and four other new board members are invited to contribute in planning for the event, and we sure learn a lot from it! We have been exposed to financial managing (fund raising, keeping track of expenses...), logistics (food ordering, transportation, serving), the list go on and on. For me, as the person who is responsible for marketing, I have learnt a lot about reaching out to other students' groups to promote for VISA, as well as writing exciting contents to attract people attention on VISA's FB and other media. Yes, words do have infinite power. Thanks to everyone's contribution, our event went through smoothly, and it attracts more than 200 people at Coffman Riverbenz Plaza. We had a lot of fun gathering with our old and new friends, and furthermore connect all International, especially Vietnamese students, under our beloved VISA's rooftop.
With that said, this year, VISA will have a lot more exciting events that we are happy to introduced with you guys. We surely will deliver best food (as always), as well as bring to you guys a glimpse to our culture! So come join the fun and don't forget to bring some friends Cheers!
Anh Hoang