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University Events and the Middle of the Semester

We are right in the middle of the semester, and that means midterms, research, homework, and projects. But it is also a good time to get involved on campus (if you have not yet). It is the perfect time to get new friends and give yourself some time to prepare for the rest of the semester. The University of Minnesota is home of students from 143 countries around the world. And with the Twin Cities campus split between Minneapolis and St. Paul, it may seem a little overwhelming to find your spot. However, its size and diversity provides tons of opportunities of student groups to join and people to meet. Every week (every day even) there is something going on campus, which means there are plenty of places and events where to take a break between studying. Here are six reasons to go there!

1.Learn about other cultures.  There is no better way to learn about a different culture than to get involved with it. So if you have some interest on one (or many) or have never heard about it and feel like learning about it, do not hesitate and find events happening around you that let you do it! It can be great to share it with some friends and go together or go by yourself and meet new people. you may find a lot of familiar faces from your classes and community, and stablish connections.


2.Learn new dances or to dance if you have never tried. There is always people who are learning, so do not avoid those event only because you have never been to one. Let this be the moment!

Some friends and me at Aaja Nachle. It was my first time at an Indian Dance.

3. Try new (and free) food! Or maybe not new, but food from your home country.  Here is a picture I took from my food at La Raza’s event a couple of weeks ago. It is has sweet plantain, empanadas, and llapingachos, which are not new to me but it was a good time to introduce my friends to food from different countries of Latin America and get some for myself.  

4.You can learn new skills. Music instruments, handicrafts, alphabets and some introductory words to different languages are among the things that you can try at students events.

5.You can make really good friends


6.  They will (most likely) be completely free for students)!

Walls, posters, and sidewalks around campus are great places to read about group meetings or bigger events, or if you prefer, check the Students Unions and Activities website (http://sua.umn.edu/), groups emails, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.